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Friends of Marcellin Performing Arts (FOMPA) is a group run by committed volunteers from the Marcellin community. Its mission is to support and promote the college's music, visual, and performing arts programs.

FOMPA provides support to staff and students by running social and fundraising events throughout the year. These include suppers, raffles, decorations, ticket sales, and student breakfasts, among many others. 

All proceeds channel directly into the college programs. In the past, FOMPA has purchased promotional banners for the drama program, music stand banners, instrument covers, and a washing machine and dryer for the new theatre studies facility. 

Most importantly, FOMPA is dedicated to encouraging and fostering young talent. 

Prue O'Shannessy - Marcellin Foundation

Rivat House, 21 Sandra Street, Bulleen

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Year 8 Siena Music Incursion

On the 13th of August the Year 8 boys involved in Marcellin College’s Instrumental Classroom Music program played host to the Girls from Siena College’s Concert Band and String Orchestra. The day was designed to give the boys an authentic musical experience outside their usual classroom setting and the opportunity to perform to their parents and friends. For some this would be the last opportunity to perform and engage in an ensemble and the music staff felt that this incursion was a fantastic opportunity to give our boys a wonderful experience to remember Marcellin College music by. 

The day began at 2pm with a quick ‘getting to know you’ session lead by Ms. Kerryn McGillan, Head of Music at Siena – many of the boys were quick to introduce themselves making acquaintance with their instrumental colleagues. The String group took to practicing in the MPAC Theatre and the Brass & Woodwind students in the functions room; from here the students rehearsed the two pieces that had been practiced with their classroom teacher during the first few weeks of Term 3.

For many of the boys this was the first time they had been involved in a large-scale ensemble and there was a buzz of excitement. Matthew Thomas and Danielle Tratt led their respective Brass & Woodwind and String groups beautifully through their pieces and not a single note was fluffed………mostly.

After the first session all the students came together for a quick game of ‘pass the beat’ a Marcellin College favorite - the eventual winner was Chloe from Siena and as expected was a gracious winner.

The groups reformed and the second piece was practiced with everything was sounding fantastic. After the normal school day some of the Year 9 & 10 boys from our musical program came to join the ensembles and helped to mentor the boys and girls in both groups.

The smell of sausages cooking came from outside the Functions Room with our wonderful FOMPA parents ‘on the tongs,’ this was enough to drive the students mad so it was time for afternoon tea. Once the boys & girls were fed and everyone had thoroughly mixed and mingled, it was time for our concert.

The String Group played  Pineapple Pomposo and Aniseed Allegro plus Stringasaurus wonderfully  lead by Siena’s Head of Strings Ms. Chien-Hsiu and the piece was well received by parents and students alike. The Concert Band was led by both Matt and Kerryn playing King Tutt’s Tomb and Fiesta De Los Bravos, two very upbeat and energetic songs played with great vigour and accuracy.

Both groups played marvellously and after all their hard work pulled off an amazing concert. With parents ready to take their fabulous instrumentalists home the day was all done and dusted by 5:30pm and there is already another concert for 2015 in the pipeline…….stay tuned (excuse the pun).

Chris Bevens (teacher in charge).

A huge thank you to these parents who manned the BBQs for the afternoon and cooked and fed 160 very enthusiastic and hungry musicians.

Anna and Ralph Candiloro

Gerard Mullins

Patrick McArdle

and our FOMPA President Megan Shannon

Also thanks to Kerryn McGillan, Matthew Thomas, Danielle Tratt, Kim Ho, Cheryl Wales, Nicholas Cowall, Chris Mirabella. Prue O'Shannessy, Melissa Mackellin and Nicholas Moloney